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Food and Cuisine of Jamui

The overall view of the food habits in the game, Bihar is vegetarian. The cuisines made up of dairy products are highly popular in the area. People are mostly away from eating eggs, meat or chicken but however, due to the presence of rivers around the city, eating fishes is highly common.

Special Dishes of Jamui

There is a wide range of cuisines in the city, however sattu paratha are something much more famous. Sattu paratha is paratha which is stuffed with fried chickpea flour.

Popular Fast Foods in Jamui

When it comes to fast food Jamui is not at all left behind. In fact the number of fast food is far more than the number of restaurants in the city.

Street food in jamui

Few of the fast foods are – chat, chatni, golgappa, jal murhi, samosa, pakoda, dahi wada, kachori, litti, bhurta  and the list goes on. Seasonal fruit juice also tops the  list, especially watery ones like watermelons.

Sweets and Beverages in Jamui

The variety of sweet in jamui is larger. The sweets are mostly dry in nature. This adds up as the specialty of jamui city in Bihar. Several names of the sweets are – Khaja, tilkut – a type of Barfi, malpua, rabdi, basundi – these all are made up of diary products.

  • Gulab jamun, kala jamun, - these generally have a sugar syrup as a compliment.
  • Moti chur laddu, Peda, balu shahi, Khurchan, Kasar – prepared during the festival.
There are again a variety of beverages available in the jamui city. Fruit juices are mostly preferred here. Seasonal fruits are highly in demand, especially the watery ones like watermelon.

Breakfast in Jamui

The breakfast system in jamui is slightly different from that of a city life. Generally diary products like bread are used when it comes to breakfast. Parathas of different kind like, potato, radish, cabbage are among favorites of this city. Daal Puri, Makhani, makke ki roti is again some of the popular breakfasts in the city.

Bakery Shops in Jamui

Within diary products, breads and pavs are quite popular in the jamui city. Therefore, bakeries are quite common over there. You would find a bakery at every corner of the road. It is quite common.

Lunch in Jamui

Here you would mostly find the traditional food at lunch and dinner. While one is talking about traditional food, it is the most delicious kind of cuisine ever. There are few names of the traditional food that you must test at least once in Jamui.

Food in Jamui

Khichdi – A mixture of rice and vegetables
Ghugni - Made of black grams soaked in water and then dipped in mustard oil in a wok. Masala and gravy is made as per desire. After proper seasoning and bhunjana water is added to the mix for gravy as desired.
Pittha – This highly resembles momos, it can either taste sweet or salty depends upon the way one prefers to eat it.
Sattu - It is made up of powdered gram generally helps in boosting up the energy
Duska – A fried item prepared by rice and ghee and a tinge of salt

Non-vegetarian Food in Jamui

The city is more traditional in nature and hence non vegetarian food is not very popular in the city. However, since rivers are surrounding the place therefore the dishes that would include fishes are widely popular. There are many ways of preparing fish that have no competition to one another when it comes to taste. Each one is equally delicious.

Jamui’s Traditional Food

The city favors being traditional and the same is reflected in their traditional food habits.
Be it vegetarian or a fish related item the aura of tradition is always there undoubtedly present in the quality of the food that is served to you.
Jamui food

Kad bhari is a dish where soft dumplings of gram flour are fried and served with gravy made   up of different vegetables
Khichdi - is a mix of rice and dal salong with vegetables to eat
Pittha -  this highly resembles momos, it can either taste sweet or salty depends upon the way one prefers to eat it.
Sattu – It is made up of powdered gram generally helps in boosting up the energy

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