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Art and Culture of Jamui

Jamui is a city and a municipality in Jamui district and district headquarters for the same, in the Indian state of Bihar, and was formed as a dictrict as a result of its separation from Munger. Historical existence of Jamui can be witnessed from the Period of Mahabharta. Archaeological and historical evidence shows its close association with Jain tradition. There are various hypotheses which are discussed by historians regarding the origin of the name of the district Jamui but the important most theory says that the name of Jamui derived from “Jambhiya Gram” or “Jribhikgram” village, which was the place where Lord Mahavira achieved ‘Omniscience’ (Kevalaygnan).

People in Jamui

Angika is the mother tongue for the people living in this region of the state of Bihar. This district has lifestyle in sync with the rest of Bihar. Culture of Jamui district is an even mix of art forms like music, heritage museums, and also is a rich source of literature. Where museums and libraries can be found for one to serve their tastes.

Festivals in Jamui

The District of Jamui has a rich cultural heritage & tradition, and festivals like Dushara, Holi, Rakshabandhan, Chat, Makarshankranti, Nagpanchami, Mahashivratri are the main religious festival of Hindus that are celebrated in the city.

Sarhul a Sohrai is a festival celebrated by the tribal population of the city. Karma festival is an important festival of the district celebrated by tribal & non-tribal Hindu Both. And in the month of Kartik, the tradition of Cow worship which is termed as Gopastami is popular.

The festivals like Id, Muhrram, & Christmas are celebrated with fervor amongst the minorities of Muslim & Christian respectively.

Religions in Jamui

As Gautam Buddha attained Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya, a town located in the modern day district of Gaya and Vardhamana Mahavira, the 24th and the last Tirthankara of Jainism, was born in Vaishali around the 6th century BC. One can find followers of Buddhism and Jainism here, with followers of Islam and Christians forming another minority. While followers of Hinduism are in the majority numbers.

Hinduism being the main religion of the city and the region, most festivals stem from it. In this city, every aspect of life is fused with religious significance.

Lifestyle in Jamui

People are of generous backgrounds and the sub urban area isn’t developed much, terming the lifestyle as slow as that of growing economy. Though when viewed from a different dimension the distinct flavor of music can be seen as an influential factor in influencing the lifestyle of people here and increasing number of people from the native population are coming up to take up music as their career or for recreational purposes.

Music and dance in Jamui

Jamui district has always been admired and noticed for its old musical traditions, which has not lost its shimmer even in the modern times. Some of the most noted personalities whose names are worth mentioning are Sri Rudranarayan Singh, who is known for his renditions of exemplary classical music which had beautified the cultural lives of the local residents of Jamui district. With other noticeable stalwarts like Vicky Kumar, Sri Jyotindra Kumar, Sri Anil Pathak, Sri Shailesh Kumar, Chandan Singh, Abha Singh.

Crafts and architectures in Jamui

The artisans of the city have been very skillful in creating articles using locally available material, like bamboo. Using the bamboo strips or cane reed which are painted in vibrant colours, like red, green and blue, baskets, cups and saucers are made, which can be easily bought at low prices and look exuberantly beautiful.

Literature in Jamui

Jamui has been a favourable city for a man of literature and poets and this city has a rich literary lineage. It has been the birthplace of several talented poets and men of literary tastes. People like Dr.Shyamanand Prasad, Dr.Prof. Awadh Kishore Sinha and others have enriched the field of literature to a large extent helping its growth here. Pt. Jagannath Chaturvedi, a reputed literary personality also belongs to Jamui district. Eminent people like Kumar Ranbir Singh and Rameshwar Pd. Singh are well-known poets who composed poems in the `Braj Bhasha`.

Handicrafts and paintings in Jamui

Manjusha Kala or Angika Art is an art form of Angika region of Bihar. Jamui being a district of this region witnesses the practice and growth of these arts here.

Cuisine in Jamui

The favourite dish in this region is litti-chokha. Litti is made up of sattu and chokha is made of smashed potatoes, tomatoes, and brinjals and is dipped in desi ghee before final serving. Chitba and Pitthow which are prepared basically from rice, are special foods of the Anga region. Machchak Jhor is a special fish curry made in mustard paste. Maus is generally mutton or chicken or squails (tittar/battair) in a spicy gravy and is generally enjoyed with malpuas.

Kankorak Chokha is a Mashed preparation of Crab after roasting it. Dokak Jhor generally are Oysters stew cooked with Onion gravy. With such variety one can only consume a lot of time deciding as to what to actually consume.

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