Administration in Jamui

There are 38 districts in Bihar state of India, Jamui is one of them. 21 February 1991 was the period when Jamui came into existence. They were formed as a result of detachment from Munger district. This district lies in the South eastern part of Bihar which shares its border with Jharkhand.


Jamui holds a rigid network of administration for the welfare of the inhabitants. The government of the state has postulated perfect rules for running the state as well the branched districts in a proper manner.

Administrative Set up of Jamui

The district administration works under the guidance of state government with numerous members working for the easy implementation of the development and welfare programs for Jamui. Integrated action plan is being projected for to implement issues hovering around naxal hit areas. The administration has taken initiatives and worked towards water connectivity, rural issues; infrastructural support which was intended for health and nutrition programs and lot more.

District Magistrate
Name: Sri Kaushal Kishore
Phone: (06345) 222002 (O), 222001 (R)
Mobile: 9473191404
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Deputy Commissioner in Jamui
Police Administration

Name: S.P. Jamui – Sri Upendra Singh
Phone: (06345) 222302 (O). (06345) 222301 (R)
Mobile: 9431800007

Deputy S.P. HQ
Name: Sri Ramanath Tiwari
Phone: (06345) 222832
Mobile: 9431822669

City Municipal Corporation, Jamui

The Jamui district is branched into ten blocks, which is mentioned in detail below.
1. Barhat block
2. Chakai block
3. Gidhaur block
4. Isalmanagar Aliganj
5. Jamui block
6. Jhajha block
7. Khaira block
8. Laximpur block
9. Sikandra block
10. Sono block

The districts hold four assembly constituency which is Jamui, Sikandra, Jhajha Chakai. These four districts come under a section of Jamui (SC) parliamentary Constancy. The district also owns a three stage panchayati raj system. The district board has nearly 20 members in its board.  The municipal corporation works towards the welfare of the district they project out plans which helps in the welfare of the inhabitants. They work towards the development of healthcare, housing, education, transport, roads, water supply, sanitation, drainage and lot more.

Jhajha Nagar Panchayat
Name: Praduman kumar
City manager, Jamui
Mobile: 9199661660

The municipal corporation has powers both legislative as well as in administrative. They act as policy maker and overall direction for the district is set. They plan and work towards the social and economic development of the district.


The key responsibility is that they work for watering, cleaning the streets and public places. The next phase is that they plan for the collection, eradication, treatment and disposal of sewage, rubbish, offensive matter. They also work towards drains, drainage work, public latrines, urinals and other similar categories intended for public. They equip with proper fire appliances, to safe guard against fire and other protection of property against fire. They take responsibility for public offices and dispensaries and work for its welfare. They monitor and maintain municipal office and other public monuments in their limits.

District Collector Office
Name: Sri Rana Awadhesh Kumar
Phone: 06345-222002
Res: 06345-222001

District official
Name: Sri SP
Phone: 06345-222302
Res: 06345-222301

Important Contact Numbers Jamui

These are few important contact details of collectrate, district and sub division officers.
Designation- ADM/AC
Name- Sri Chaudhary Anand Kumar
Phone- (06345) 223688(O), (06345) 222267(R)
Mobile- 9473191405

Name- Sri Mrityunjaya Kumar
Phone- (06345) 222343 (O), (06345) 222269(R)

Director (DRDA)
Name- Md. Kaisar Sultan
Phone- (06345) 222117(O)
Mobile- 9431818428

Name- Sri Mukesh Dat Sharma
Mobile- 9430276893

Dy. Election Officer
Name- Sri Mod Narayan Jha

Name- Sri
Phone- (06345) 224740


Name- Sri Dilip Kr. Agrawal
Mobile- 8757894141

Name- Sri Santosh Kumar
Mobile- 9431005056

Name- Md. Soyeb
Phone- (06345) 224740 (O)
Mobile- 7762003020

Name- Sri Sanjay Kumar
Phone- (06345) 224558
Mobile- 9473423080

Exe Officer Nagar Parisad
Name- Sri Medhavi
Mobile- 9471609721

Sr. Deputy Collector
Name- Sri Ram Niranjan Choudhary

Dist. Cooperative Officer

Name- Sri Satish Kr. Singh
Mobile- 9431290533

Dist. Sub-Registrar
Name- Sri Rakesh Kumar
Phone- (06345) 224716 (O)

Police Department of Jamui

The police department of Jamui works towards the welfare and maintaining strict discipline in the district. They work towards maintaining law and order and also in controlling the crime against naxals. They work as a team to establish peace and discipline in the district. These are few contact details of police administration

S.P. Jamui
Name- Sri Jayant Kant
Phone- (06435) 222302 (O), 222301 (R)
Mobile- 9431800007
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List of police stations and contact numbers in Jamui

Bharat police station
Phone- 6348 - 261019, 9431822667

Chakai Police Station
Phone- 6347 - 220068, 9431822664

Chandra Mandi Police Station

Phone- 6349 - 286666, 9431822665

Chandradip Police Station

Phone- 6345 - 289666, 9431822669

Giddhaur Police Station

Phone- 6348 – 251068

Jamui Police Station
6345 - 222007, 9431822659

Jha Jha Police Station
Phone- 6349 - 223132, 9431822662

Khaira Police Station
Phone- 6345 - 258523, 9431822660

Lakshmipur Police Station
Phone- 6345 - 268846, 9431822661

Malayapur Police Station
Phone- 6348 - 232010, 9431822668

Sikhandra Police Station
Phone- 6345 - 248339, 9431822666

Simaltala Police Station
Phone- 6349 - 256029, 9431822670

Sono Police Station

Phone- 6349 - 254243, 9431822663

The municipality of Jamui holds all necessary features and works in a planned manner for the welfare of the people. All contact details regarding important sections are mentioned. With the co-operation of the people, Jamui can be enhanced to higher levels.

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